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Bali Massage Tenerife

Tanaka Facial massage

This facial massage technique comes from the beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka from Japan: the Tanaka facial massage. The Tanaka facial massage attaches particular importance to activating the lymphs and thus breaking down excess fluids and toxins. Here, too, blood circulation improves, puffiness is reduced and your skin becomes fresher.

Bali body massage

The Balinese massage is a full body oil massage. It combines strokes - slowly and fluidly along the length of the muscles - with stretching, kneading and pressure. Fragrances of frangipani and rose-geranium round off this massage as a unique relaxation method for body, mind and soul.

Balinese Foot massage

A traditional feel-good massage in which the feet are revitalized all around with warm oil and special massage techniques. It relieves stress, builds up new energy, helps throw off mental ballast and increases well-being.

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